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bulk quantity
Wholesale quantity: purchase in carton packs of 10, 30 or 100 kits.
Each kit contains our best selling powder bag along with convenient additional items (3 bandages and an application brush).  The kit is boxed and is designed for an improved retail store presence.  


EXCLUSIVITY: Be the only retailer selling our kit.

LOW RETAIL COMPETITION: market leader distributes Multi Level Marketing MLM
NATURAL: Our breakthrough formula contains 100% natural ingredients 

About the Product
Pamper and treat yourself to a salon-like experience! Neutripure Body Wraps involve wrapping yourself in detoxifying Neutripure body wrap mud in order to help draw out toxins from the body.  With a Neutripure body wrap not only will you feel a greater sense of wellbeing and set the stage for better overall health, you’ll start contouring your body, lose weight and tone by removing the accumulation of toxic substances. 
The Neutripure body purifying wrap is a comfortable, contouring treatment session heralded for its detoxifying properties. Our formula  helps to reverse the cellulite formation cycle by stimulating the body’s own natural lymph elimination function. Noticeably decreases cellulite when done in a series.  
  • LOSE TUMMY FAT: Powerful Seaweed and Garcinia Cambogia extract is absorbed through skin and improves the burning of fat to break down stubborn fat deposits
  • DETOXIFY: Feel your tummy pulsate when Healing Clay discharges excess water and toxins from your body.
  • ORGANIC: Stop Exposing your Body to Even More Chemicals and Pollutants. Our breakthrough formula contains 100% natural ingredients
  • SALON QUALITY TREATMENT: Ingredients previously only found at SPAs. Pamper and treat yourself to a salon-like experience!

This KIT includes 3 components:  Body wrap mix (just add water), elastic wraps (for insulating and securing the area), application brushes, instruction booklet. 

Suggested retail: $34        Made in the USA 

The Body Wrap Market

Our sales season coincides with February to August bikini season and spikes in May and June. It Works Body Wrap is the market leader.  It has a network marketing distribution channel and is not sold in stores. Beauty SPAs have comparative body wraps for slimming, relaxation, cellulite reduction and detoxifying the skin.  

Background Story

Lydia and Chris Janota, a husband and wife team who met in the military were the hosts of Liposculpture Talk, the #1 iTunes podcast on liposuction. (Find the archived episodes on Stitcher and Youtube). They interviewed industry experts and explored cutting edge technology on liposuction like Smart Lipo and Vaser Lipo. They also reviewed non-invasive alternatives like Coolsculpting, Liposonix and iLipo. After hearing the buzz about herbal body wraps all over social media and from friends Lydia decided to look into it more and do her own review. Her first impression was that … body wraps are no replacement for liposuction. Definitely not. They can’t compare to the remarkable technology and effectiveness liposuction offers today. But they do have their place in the market because they are a low cost alternative for slimming, firming and detoxifying. They now sell natural and holistic products through their website neutripure.com and on amazon.com and walmart.com. 


This KIT is not being sold currently other than here at Neutripure.com. However the powder component is sold on amazon and walmart.com. To find it just search for "diy body wrap". We could agree to sell the KIT exclusively to one merchant. Contact Chris or Lydia for more info.


    Download the complete product Guide here.

    SPA Quantities! Order 5 pounds of body wrap powder.

    Product Safety data is available upon request. 



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