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Affiliate program

Direct your followers to our Amazon listing

Your followers will receive 15% off their Neutripure Body Wrap purchase.

We will reimburse you $10 for each purchase.

By using an Amazon link  we provide you, you can track your click-throughs, shopping cart loads and purchases.

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Record your treatment
We 're looking for good video footage of a group body wrap with two or more people. We pay $100-300 if there is footage we could use for our promotions.  Even if its just a short 5 second clip.  Nobody needs to be a model. We're looking for "real" bodies. Audio is not required.
If you have any interest, here are some recording pointers below:
  • What to record?  just your friends body wrapping and having fun. No need for a tutorial.
  • No need to edit. If you give us a raw 5 or 10 minute video we will likely edit it down to just 20 seconds we could use.  
  • Contact for more info.