I want you to get the absolute BEST results when using our wraps so I made you this list of body wrapping tips. This is how I personally wrap myself. I STRONGLY recommend following these tips. Don’t just skim over the page and/or select what steps you feel like doing. FOLLOW ALL THE STEPS exactly word for word. I don’t want to hear from you later that you didn’t see any results, and that you followed this guide, only to find out you actually skipped steps.


BEFORE PICTURES - Take a picture of the area you are going to wrap (no matter how stupid or embarrassed you feel doing it). When you take your picture after you take your wrap off, make sure you’re in the same position and same distance (on all your progress pictures). When taking your pictures after 72 hours, make sure you wear clothes similar to what you wore in your before pictures. And again, same pose, same distance. Make sure your clothing is positioned the same too. This will give you a true results picture. When you take your after picture, you will be amazed at the difference! You see yourself every day and won’t realize how much you’ve really changed until you look at the two pictures together. Trust me on this! Take your pictures!! I use the picture app Pic Stitch to put the pictures side by side.

PREPARE AREA -The first thing you should do is to prepare your bathroom for what’s about to happen. One tip is to cover any surface in your bathroom that you want to keep nice with Saran wrap. That way if you dump anything on the counter or knock something over while you’re wrapped up, it will be easier to clean and won’t leave a stain behind. Give yourself lots of room, and make sure there’s enough clearance to maneuver yourself once you’re all wrapped up. Move aside any wastebaskets and clear off any cluttered countertops so you reduce the chance of tripping or knocking things over. It will be awkward to move around when you’re mummified, so a little forethought really goes a long way. You want this to be a relaxing experience, so it’s good to plan ahead so that everything goes smoothly.

PREPARE BODY - Take a hot shower right before you wrap. You want to open up your pores so the creamy mixture can soak in. DO NOT use any soap at all. This will block your pores. Do not use any lotion or oil at all either. Use a konjac sponge or cellulite brush to help open the pores. Remember, no soap or lotion of any kind! You can use a natural exfoliate such as sea salt or sugar if you wish.

I personally wipe the area I’m going to wrap with rubbing alcohol (or Witch Hazel). This assures anything on my skin is removed and my pores are open to soak in all the goodness from the wrap!
 Mix the powder with hot tap water. The paste will cool down to a comfortable temperature after mixing. If you would like it warmer later, you can microwave the paste for 15-20 seconds before applying.


We recommend at ratio of 1 level teaspoon powder to 1 teaspoon water. You can select a mixture balance you’re comfortable with. As a general rule, the thicker the mixture is, the foamier and easier it will be to apply but it may dry out and be harder to remove. Many find a wetter mix works better. The wetter mixture will remove easier, but on the other hand, could be drippy to apply.

WHERE TO APPLY?The Body Wrap mixture can be spread over any part of the body. Target your fatty areas you’re trying to slim down. Your fat cells are fixed throughout your life but we all have special storage areas where our fat cells grow to store excess fat and toxins. Your muffin top, lovehandles and your bat wings are great areas to target.

HOW OFTEN? - So how often should you use a Neutripure wrap? While most of our customers feel results after one wrap session, some require more. You’ve probably been accumulating toxins for years, so it’s only fitting that your lymphatic system would take more than an afternoon to purge your body of impurities. Just listen to your body throughout the process, and monitor your symptoms to see your progress. The ideal treatment for 1 individual is 5 body wraps. Each body wrap application should be spaced out by 72 hours. This should use about half the powder in your package. Save the remaining powder and apply it again after a couple weeks.

Body Wraps vs Baths: What’s better? Body Wraps are a more effective detoxification technique because you’re adding a higher concentration of mixture against your pores with pressure so there is greater absorption than a detox bath.

Now… Relax

Relax and allow the body wrap to work for at least one hour. It’s very important to keep the area warm and your circulatory system flowing. For best results, place a second towel or blanket over the treated area.

Now comes the fun part. You get to relax in your wrap and think positive thoughts. Remember that body wrapping is not just about ridding the toxins in your body; it’s about thinking better, more uplifting thoughts, and now is the perfect time to do that. You can use this time to meditate, to clear your thoughts and just be, and feel good about starting your detoxification process.


Never prepare mixture on metal surfaces or with metal stirring rods. The clay reacts with metals and may lose its potency rather fast, making it useless.

DURATION Enjoy it and just relax for the 60 minute treatment time. On your first wrap it’s advised that you only leave it on 60 minutes to make sure you have no adverse reaction. Check under the wrap, if you’re skin looks ok, you can put it back on and leave it on for a couple more hours. When you use your 2nd wrap, you can wear it up to 4 hours. Some people sleep in it. Do not leave the wrap on more than 8 hours. You can go shopping, clean house, chill out or whatever while wearing the wrap.

WATER!- For the next 72 hours (3 days) drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water each day!! This is imperative for the body wraps to work. If you weigh 200 lbs drink 100 oz of water each day. That’s 6 or so bottles (depending on the oz in each bottle). Personally, right when I get up in the morning I drink a big cup of water. Try it! Your body will love you for it. You must drink the water to aid the detoxification process and remove the impurities from your body!For the next 3 days, stay away from fatty or processed foods, sugar, coffee, soda and alcohol. And WATCH YOUR SALT INTAKE. Do not smoke (anything~cigarettes or otherwise). The wrap is doing it’s job, and you need to do your part to achieve the absolute best results possible! You can’t eat like crap and go out and party and expect to keep your results or continue to have results. You are releasing the impurities in your fat cells, you do not want to ADD MORE TOXINS/CHEMICALS!

EXERCISE Do not exercise while wearing the wrap. Some SPAs encourage clients to exercise while wearing their body wrap. I can’t speak to the chemistry of their wraps or their recommended instructions but you should not exercise for at least 6 hours after your Neutripure body wrap. Personally, I wouldn’t exercise until the next day. Exercising while wearing the wrap can cause severe dehydration and circulatory problems and that doesn’t aid the detoxification process. The trick is to lose waste, not just water weight. The goal is to detoxify your body and achieve long term results, and lose the stuff that builds up in the body and makes us old and makes us tired and quite frankly, makes us sick.

REMOVING THE WRAP Rub in whatever remaining mixture you can if it's still moist but depending on how you secured the wrap, it might be dried out. That's okay. Try to flake and dust the excess mixture off. Hopefully you can give yourself several hours before you take a shower. Personally, I shower the next day. I do not want to wash away the mixture that penetrated my outer skin layer. This will benefit you by allowing the mixture more time to absorb into deeper tissue.

If you are a smoker… smoking will mitigate your results. DO NOT SMOKE WHILE WRAPPING. Tobacco and marijuana smoke is a TOXIN.

Ladies: Do not wrap when it’s “that time of the month”. The hormonal imbalance during that time diminishes results. The wrap may not work at all during your period or if you are taking medications. Plan your wrap schedule accordingly! Regarding medications, if you have questions, take the package to your doctor and ask. The ingredients are listed on the front side of the bag.

Do not wrap again for 72 hours! The botanical-seaweed, clay, garcinia cambogia, and Dead Sea salt blend continues to work over the course of 72 hours (3 days). Your results will progress over this time. Take your pictures again after 72 hours!!!! Be amazed!!! And, let me know your results

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you follow these tips! After all, you paid your hard earned money for these wraps, don’t you want to get the BEST results with them? Is a silly indulgence worth ruining your results?

Optional Steps

Wetting Agents

For the body wrap mixture, add water to the Neutripure powder. Some clay facials recommend using apple cider vinegar. I do not recommend this. Indian Healing Clay is an alkaline substance and vinegar is acidic. This effectively neutralizes the mixture to base and diminishes clays ability to “seek” toxins in the body to bind with.

Essential Oils

We add grapefruit essential oil to our ingredients but you may want to augment our recipe with your custom booster blend. The seaweed component does have a powerful odor and some people like to add  essential oils to the mix to cover up the odor. Adding the right oils to your home body wrap will personalize your treatment and boost its detoxifying capability or help you to relax after you’re wrapped up. Just a few drops of your favorite essential oils are all that need to be added to the mixture. Grapefruit essential oil is used for weight management and reducing water retention. Essential oil of juniper berry works well to detoxify, reduce cellulite and calm the nerves. Laurel oil is useful for the lymphatic system. Peppermint oil will boost energy levels.
Heating Blanket
It important to maintain a warm treatment area by insulating the with towel but additional heat will only intensify those effects. covering thermal blanket or sauna suit can aid detoxification process stimulating circulatory system. it good idea enough make you comfortable and toasty produce no more than light sweat first not over sweat. dehydration does in process. last minutes cool down slowly.