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What are the steps to complete a body wrap treatment?

Click here for more step-by-step instructions. I STRONGLY recommend following these tips.

How many wraps does the DIY body wrap kit make?

About ten wraps total. Figure each wrap is enough to cover a large surface area like your tummy, thighs or arms. It takes 2 tablespoons or 25 grams to make one wrap. The pack has 240g so it should make around 10.

Slimming? Is this for real?

As long as you're not expecting to permanently lose 10 pounds and 3 inches off your waist, there are spectacular benefits to body wraps. We find 95% of people do achieve slimming results with our Neutripure Body Wraps. Yet some people tell me it didn't work. My answer is it works on everyone. Just that the results are different. If you went to a gym and worked out for an hour and didn't lose a pound, would you quit? Exactly. The treatment is a process. Repairing your body takes time. It takes time to heal and rejuvenate our bodies.

Can it be used with a spa heating blanket? It is safe to do so?

It’s important to maintain a warm treatment area by insulating the area with a towel but adding additional heat will only intensify those effects. Covering the area with a thermal blanket or a sauna suit can aid the detoxification process and flush the impurities from your body. It’s a good idea to heat the blanket enough to make you sweat throughout the first 30-minutes. The last 30 minutes, cool down slowly.  Avoid exercise or sweating. This can cause severe dehydration and circulatory problems and that doesn’t aid the detoxification process.  The trick is to lose waste, not just water weight.  The goal is to detoxify your body and achieve long term results, and lose the stuff that builds up in the body and makes us old and makes us tired and quite frankly, makes us sick. 

body wrap blankets

Can the leftover mix be used as a facial?

Our Body Wrap is made for slimming and detoxifying your body but it also works great as a facial. The Neutripure mix can help remove sebum, or oil, from the skin's surface, and it may also have a calming effect on inflamed breakouts. The mix will solidify your face like a statue when wearing it and you will feel a pulling sensation. After you take it off, your face will be tightened and super smooth. Just mix with water and leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

What other products are needed?

No other products need to be purchased to complete your body wrap treatment. However, a few other household items will be necessary: 1) plastic wrap to avoid mess; 2) elastic bandage for slight compression and to secure the wrap; 3) towel to insulate the area; 4) plastic mixing bowl and plastic utensils as metal may deactivate the potent chemicals in the mixture.

It didn't work!

Some people tell me their treatment didn’t work. My answer is it works on everyone. Our formula reverses the cellulite formation cycle by stimulating the body’s natural lymphatic elimination function. It’s a process. It takes time for the many organs and glands to excrete toxins. The visible results are often different. If you went to a gym and worked out for an hour and didn’t lose a pound, would you quit? Exactly. It takes time to see on the outside the repairs you’re making on the inside. While many of our customers do see results after one wrap, some will need to be more persistent.

Usually we find when customer's dont experience the results they are looking for, the number #1 reason is because they are not drinking enough water. Other factors like pore size, toxicity level, smoking, water intake, etc all can impact speed and results. Another possibility - Are you regular? If someone is not regular, there is probably a lot of gunk stuck in their system that needs to be released. The toxins that are getting stirred up have nowhere to go!  There is a lining of gunk that gets stuck in your colon and needs to be cleansed out. Medications or have thyroid issues? Sometimes that impacts things as well as some medications make the body retain water, etc. talc, deodorant or lotions on the skin can hinder results too.

Can I apply to my neck or double chin area?

Sure, any area you want to target. Muffin top, saddle bags, lower tummy. It's all good. To keep the concentration moist and on your skin, it's best's to wrap and cover the area with Saran wrap. That will require some creativity when wrapping your chin.

How often should I schedule my body wrap treatments?

The ideal treatment for 1 individual is 5 body wraps. Each body wrap application should be spaced out by 72 hours (3 days). This should use about half the powder in your package. Save the remaining powder and apply it again after a couple weeks.

While most of our customers feel results after one wrap session, some require more. You’ve probably been accumulating toxins for years, so it’s only fitting that your lymphatic system would take more than an afternoon to purge your body of impurities. Just listen to your body throughout the process, and monitor your symptoms to see your progress.

Do I have to buy other items?

There are no other items you need to buy. To complete your DIY treatment you may need: Saran wrap and a towel to secure and insulate the area, a cloth or sponge for application. A bowl for mixing. Elastic bandages could be used in place of Saran wrap. These are mostly household items. Yes we could include other items to enhance the convenience but we are electing to just invest in high quality ingredients.

Why does it smell so strong?

The seaweed component of our body wrap does have a powerful odor but it is not spoiled. If you find the odor unpleasant, I recommend adding some essential oils to the mix to cover up the seaweed odor. The aroma may also help you to relax after you are all wrapped up. We add grapefruit essential oil to our ingredients but you may want to augment our recipe with your custom blend.  Adding the right oils to your home body wrap will personalize your treatment and boost its detoxifying capability or help you to relax after you’re wrapped up. Just a few drops of your favorite essential oils are all that need to be added to the mixture.

Grapefruit essential oil is used for weight management and reduce water retention.  I like to add essential oils of juniper berry, lemon, or Laurel oil. Essential oil of juniper berry works well to detoxify, reduce cellulite and calm the nerves. Laurel oil is useful for the lymphatic system. Peppermint oil will boost energy levels.




Can you wear the wrap overnight?

The concern with wrapping overnight is that the ingredients are very powerful and long exposure to your skin could cause a skin rash and its hard to drink the water necessary to prevent dehydration when sleeping overnight.  Be careful if you do, and monitor your skin underneath from time-to-time.

What's the optimal mixture ratio?

We recommend at ratio of 1 level teaspoon powder to 1 teaspoon water. You can select a mixture balance you’re comfortable with. As a general rule, the thicker the mixture is, the foamier and easier it will be to apply but it may dry out and be harder to remove. Many find a wetter mix works better. The wetter mixture will remove easier, but on the other hand, could be drippy to apply.

How do you remove the wrap?

Rub in whatever remaining mixture you can if it's still moist, but if it's dried out that's okay. Try to flake and dust the excess mixture off. Hopefully you can give yourself several hours before you take a shower. Personally I shower the next day. I do not want to wash away the mixture that penetrated my outer skin layer. This will benefit you by allowing the mixture more time to absorb into deeper tissue.

As a general rule, the thicker the mixture is, the foamier and easier it will be to apply but it may crumble and be harder to remove. Many find a powder to water mixture of 1:1 ½ works best. This way the diluted mixture will remove easier, but on the other hand, could be drippy to apply.

Can it fade my stretch marks?

Yes! You will notice red stretch marks fade after just a single use. They are still there but you can't tell unless you look up close! They completely blend in with your skin color.

Why do you package the product as a powder instead of pre-mixing our formula into a cream?

This enables us to leave out many unnecessary ingredients like preservatives, emulsifiers and humectants and to concentrate our formula into four powerful ingredients with names you have actually heard of before. You won't find ingredients like caprylic triglycerade or PEG-20 Methyl. Our ingredients don't come from a laboratory, but from the sea, the desert or organic gardens of mother earth. Just the good stuff. We're even more concerned about eliminating dirty non-essential ingredients because our body wrap covers a larger skin surface area than typical facial products and make up do.

To formulate a convenient body wrap cream we would have to add humectants (pronounced hue-MEK-tants) to sponge up and retain the water through the products shelf life; preservatives, to eliminate mold and bacteria growing during shelf life, and emulsifiers for blending the water, oils, preservatives, humectants and active ingredients together. To properly formulate a safe and smooth body wrap cream, our ingredient count would go to possibly 30 instead of the powerful four we use in our powder recipe!  And that's why we like to say fewer ingredients is more.

Americans are unaware that they are absorbing untested and unsafe chemicals in their products. Many cosmetic ingredients are potentially harmful and banned in the EU but are still legally allowed in the US. A recent report found that more than 40 countries have banned 1,400 chemicals in cosmetic products, compared with nine in the US. At Neutripure we’re taking a proactive role by eliminating many potential harmful chemicals. We hope you’ll agree eliminating non-essential ingredients like water, humectants, preservatives, and emulsifiers make a safe product and make more room for effective ingredients.

Whats the 2023 DIY mixing update?

We now recommend replacing 1 tablespoon of water with 1 tablespoon of alcohol based mouthwash. Most mouthwashes you see in drug stores contain an alcohol (specifically ethanol). So the suggested mixing is:

2 level tablespoons Neutripure powder
1 tablespoon water and
1 tablespoon mouthwash.

Alcohol is a skin penetration enhancer and increases absorption rates of the other ingredients—both because it breaks down the skin’s natural barriers, and because it pulls apart chemicals into individual constituents, so that particles are small enough to absorb. Many transdermal patches on the market today for weight loss, motion sickness and pain relief have tested successfully for safety and effectiveness because they contain ethanol that saturates the active ingredients and provides a controlled delivery though the skin.

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