A Cancer Battle Lost

My brother Stan approached me with the news he was diagnosed with a terminal illness which the medical establishment could do nothing to arrest.

In Stan’s words, “My diagnosis in 2008 of chronic lymphatic leukemia brought on the same horror, unbelief, and fear that all cancer diagnosis brings and an unwanted look into the bleak unknown of eternity. Our mortality is thrust upon us and the mind spins as to what to do next.”  He was already aware of the unsuccessful history of chemo and radiation therapies. These are the only approved treatments for cancer by the FDA and AMA, and more often than not, they are more harmful than helpful. In fact, there is very little difference in the survival rate of those choosing to do nothing and those choosing the chemical or burn treatments.  He chose to first try alternative medicine. He found a naturopathic doctor and spent almost two years using foot/hand baths, acupuncture, FAR light and heat booths, hypothermic chambers and a big range of tinctures that accumulatively seem to improve my overall health and feeling of well-being. Unfortunately, his health insurance would cover none of this, and he was financially forced to stop.

During those two years, he researched cancer, alternative treatments and developed his Wise Men essential oil blend. 

It was a long exhausting battle. He was able to keep himself alive and live a fairly normal life.  At first we thought that he conquered cancer with his alternative treatments. In 2015 he was chemo free for over two years and his blood work numbers were quite steady given the severity of his cancer.  But there is no black and white blueprint for cancer survival. Cancer is as complicated as the bodies it inhabits and the varying stages of disease in those bodies. His cancer came back with a vengeance in the spring of 2017 and he died in June 2017. It was a long 9 year up and down battle which he ultimately lost.  While Wise Men Healing Balm was not his “cure” but he was satisfied he found a natural remedy to relieve his pain. And now a piece of his history is still with us in Wise Men. 

In my opinion these natural substances that evolved to shield plants from disease can also do remarkable things for the human body. Recent research published in the Journal of Oncology has found the essential oil of frankincense to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells better than chemotherapy. The future possibility of using essential oils to fight cancer looks promising, but I must be clear Wise Men has not been evaluated by the FDA and we make no claim that it is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  

    -   Lydia McSwain-Janota

    -   Stan’s little sister



 Wise Men's Origin

In late 2014 the Wise Men formulator and founder Stan McSwain attended a seminar on essential oils and was intrigued. He learned there are naturally occurring oils harvested around the world from the seeds, leaves, stems, bark, buds roots, and flowers of trees and plants. Since trees and plants are rooted and cannot move from their toxic setting, the plants evolved these substances to shield them from disease. How the healing power of these oils never came to his attention is a testimony in itself of how he got sick in the first place. Since his introduction he experimented with many different essential oils and their benefits. The world wide web is full of good and also misleading information, but it is important to know that the chemical constituents of an oil can be affected by a vast number of variables. However, for the best results, it is necessary to use a pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil. These can be costly, but required if the oil is to produce the desired results.




Essential oils embody the regenerating, protective, and immune-strengthening properties of the plants. The chemical constituents of the oil are both small in molecular size and are also lipid soluble which allows many of them to easily and quickly penetrate the skin. Essential oil constituents have the potential to affect every cell of the body within twenty minutes and then be metabolized like other nutrients. They are powerful antioxidants and many have antibacterial, antifungal, anti-infectious, antimicrobial, antitumor, antiparasitic, antiviral and antiseptic qualities.

Frankinscence and myrrh resin


Each of all the oils Stan used and experimented with have particular benefits and uses. However, he narrowed down a special blend of the most powerful oils to include in his Wise Men formula which have the ability to penetrate the blood brain barrier due to the small size of the molecules.



The wise men from Arabia were actually being practical by giving the baby Jesus these precious, costly essential oils that could double up as potential medical remedies.  Frankincense and myrrh, two of the ingredients in my Wise Men Healing Cream, promotes healing to many areas and systems in the body like emotional balance, immune and nervous systems, and skin. In ancient times, frankincense and myrrh were valued above gold because of their effectiveness treating illnesses. Wise Men can be used as a miracle cure for a wide variety of medical uses like treating pain relief, arthritis, neuropathy, psoriasis, and as an anti-aging treatment. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, the ingredients in Wise Men have been a “go-to” for natural healers for centuries because of its ability to help with a myriad of health concerns like learning disorders, gastrointestinal dysfunction and skin conditions.




Stan would use Wise Men daily on his reflex points on his hands feet, the auricular body points. The healing qualities of the oils absord into your system in twenty minutes or less and go to which ever system or organ that requires them. He applied the balm in the evening just before bed, or if he was just sitting around during the day, he would apply it again, just for extra measure.


Here are his recommended application tips:

SOLID OR LIQUID? The balm is very temperature sensitive.  It will solidify in a cold room and it will liquefy when it comes off a hot delivery truck. This is because Wise Men is unrefined, organic, and basically as minimally processed as possible. If it's solid, in order to apply it, you will need to either melt it a bit first. Or you can shave a bit off the top and then it will immediately melt like butter in your hand. If you store it in a sunny window or near a heater it will soften to a balm like consistency.  If it's liquefied, in order to apply it, it's best to store it at room temperature. You could refrigerate it for 30 minutes to harden it quickly. 


SMELL FIRST!   It takes ½ second for a smell (aroma/odor) to get to the brain.  It takes 9/10 of a second for the sense of pain to get to the brain.  ALWAYS smell the essential oil first.  That way the healing properties of the oils begin working immediately as the brain sends the healing messages throughout the body.  You may put a finger tip of cream into the palms of your hand.  Cup your hands around your nose and inhale.  Ummm...


MASSAGE!   By applying a massage together when applying Wise Men, you can greatly enhance the benefits. How does it work? When Wise Men is applied with pressure to the reflex points, electrical impulses are released. These impulses carry the essential oils up the nerve pathway and into specific areas of the body. This in turn releases energy to support the systems of the body.


  HAND, FOOT, EAR APPLICATION – Why do we apply Wise Men onto these special areas?  This is the most common way to apply the oils to get the fastest response from them. There are 800 pores per square inch on the foot!  The feet, hands and ears also have places corresponding to all parts of the body.  These places are called reflexology points.  By placing essential oils onto these reflexology points you will actually be treating the corresponding area of the body.  When using the foot application, the oils will be bypassing the liver and will not accumulate there. 



If you study different books or charts about reflexology or foot hand or ear zoning, you will see variations between the location of corresponding organs and parts of the body on the feet. Don’t be concerned. Simply work all over the foot and focus on the points that appear sore or tender. It’s not necessary to locate any exact point. The body will adjust.


Skin Care

One of the best things about Wise Men benefits is the fact that it eradicates the need for some of the most toxic, potentially harmful and drying concoctions out there on the market. Look on the back of any one of your lotion or pain relief bottles and you will almost without fail find alcohol of some sort or another as one of the main ingredients. How does adding alcohol to a product that is supposed to moisturize hydrate anything?

Another common culprit in most lotion and creams is petroleum- despite being a known carcinogen that potentially causes cancer, it’s in almost everything. Seriously, it’s in almost everything; toothpaste, makeup, lotions, deodorant, clothing, foods…

Stan was proud that Wise Men is a natural and effective way to lessen your exposure to toxins without having to sacrifice any superficial benefits.  Wise Men is cold pressed, unrefined, organic, and basically as minimally processed as possible.  It contains just three simple ingredients:  Frankincense, Myrrh and coconut oil.  That’s it.  No chemicals you can’t  pronounce.

Surprisingly, you can use it on your face, hands, feet and ears without worrying about breakouts. In fact, many people have been able to see some success in treating acne, psoriasis  and eczema with Wise Men. This is likely due to its natural antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

Another feature you might not expect from using an oil topically is that when applied to the skin, Wise Men does not leave a thick, greasy or overbearing residue. It actually absorbs quite quickly and is not uncomfortable to wear under makeup or clothing.




We live in a very toxic environment, and our healthcare system, food production system and insurance industry have all been hijacked to our detriment. For many 

of us, these toxins are what are causing us to be ill and to seek medical care. If the cause of your health problems is due to a buildup of environmental toxins rather than a deficiency of nutrients, you will need to reduce your toxic load in order to regain your health.
Plastics, pesticides, municipal water supplies, poor diets and even air are lined up to cause us harm. The two groups that we have most control over are the water we drink and the food we put into our mouths. To survive cancer, we must drink clean filtered water and eat organically grown vegetables and meat products. We are the sum of what we eat and put in and on our bodies. The number one item to stay away from is refined sugar in all its forms.

For sweetening I like to use naturally gathered honey or stevia. I often mix moderately with apple cider vinegar, water and lemon for a healthy refreshing drink. I also stevia to bake bread. They are natural, made by God, and healthy in moderation. The other mass produced sweeteners are best left on the table or better yet, thrown out. Refined sugar is fuel for cancer, so why feed a monster?

 - Stan McSwain

 - Riverton, Wyoming


Here is a list to be aware of but the sugar industry is continually revising the names they use:

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