Powder Power

Why do we package our product as a powder instead of pre-mixing our formula into a cream? 

This enables us to leave out many unnecessary ingredients like preservatives, emulsifiers and humectants and to concentrate our formula into four powerful ingredients with names you have actually heard of before. You won't find ingredients like caprylic triglycerade or PEG-20 Methyl. Our ingredients don't come from a laboratory, but from the sea, the desert or organic gardens of mother earth.  Just the good stuff.   We're even more concerned about eliminating dirty non-essential ingredients because our body wrap covers a larger skin surface area than typical facial products and make up do. 

To formulate a convenient body wrap cream we would have to add humectants (pronounced hue-MEK-tants) to sponge up and retain the water through the products shelf life;  preservatives, to eliminate mold and bacteria growing during shelf life, and emulsifiers for blending the water, oils, preservatives, humectants and active ingredients together. To properly formulate a safe and smooth body wrap cream, our ingredient count would go to possibly 30 instead of the powerful  four we use in our powder recipe!  And that's why we like to say fewer ingredients is more.  

Americans are unaware that they are absorbing untested and unsafe chemicals in their products.    Many cosmetic ingredients are potentially harmful and banned in the EU but are still legally allowed in the US.  A recent report found that more than 40 countries have banned 1,400 chemicals in cosmetic products, compared with nine in the US.  At Neutripure we’re taking a proactive role by eliminating many potential harmful chemicals.  We hope you’ll agree eliminating non-essential ingredients like water, humectants, preservatives, and emulsifiers make a safe product and make room for effective ingredients.