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Pamper and treat yourself to a salon-like experience! Create your own DIY super wrap with a few common household items and our powerful Neutripure body wrap mix. Neutripure involves wrapping yourself in detoxifying Seaweed, Healing Clay, Garcinia Cambogia, and Dead Sea Salt in order to help draw out toxins. Not only will you feel a greater sense of wellbeing and set the stage for better overall health, you’ll start contouring your body, lose weight and tone by removing the accumulation of toxic substances.

Does This Really Slim?

Making slimming claims is a sensitive legal issue and we do not make any claims with the FDA. I do not promise outstanding slimming results because we all have a unique body chemistry and there are many contributing reasons for slimming, but I believe my Neutripure treatment will give you the best fighting chance of any wrap on the market to conquer the battle of the bulge. It's not uncommon to take someone down a dress size or two in two weeks. If you follow this Body Wrap Guide with proper diet and exercise you will increase your chances of achieving results.

Some people tell me their treatment didn’t work. My answer is it works on everyone. Our formula reverses the cellulite formation cycle by stimulating the body’s natural lymphatic elimination function. It’s a process. It takes time for the many organs and glands to excrete toxins. The visible results are often different. If you went to a gym and worked out for an hour and didn’t lose a pound, would you quit? Exactly. It takes time to see on the outside the repairs you’re making on the inside. While many of our customers do see results after one wrap, some will need to be more persistent.


Whether you're desiring tighter skin or firming loose skin, our wrap can help! It even helps reduce stretch marks and cellulite. Some may see skin rejuvenation, some may see a reduction in inflammation, some might see stretch marks lighten up. Whatever your results are, it can be maintained with proper diet and exercise.
Our Body Wrap helps to get oxygen into the cells because it has the ability to pull excess hydrogen from the cells, leaving room for oxygen to take its place. When cells have more oxygen entering them, you feel more energized and your body can repair itself more easily from illness or hard workouts.