Wholesale Carbonated Indian Healing Clay Facial


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Clay Facial Mask for Acne and Blackhead Skincare with Bentonite and Seaweed


About the Product
  • ENJOY SOFTER, SMOOTHER SKIN: Natural Calcium bentonite "Indian Healing Clay" gently exfoliates your skin and cleanses your face by stimulating circulation deep in your skin.
  • SEE A BRIGHTER, HEALTHY GLOW: You'll love how a little Neutripure can bring out your complexion's natural glow.
  • BYE BYE BLACKHEADS: Clay detoxes beneath your skin's surface, removing icky impurities such as dirt and bacteria.
  • REPLENISH YOUR SKIN: Seaweed contains virtually every mineral found in the ocean and restores balance to skin's moisture levels.
  • EASY TO USE- NO GLOOPY DRIPS: Simply mix with water and watch it foam up into thousands of tiny, pore-fighting bubbles. Rinse off and love the way your skin looks and feels!

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