Peasant Bentonite Clay Toothpaste with Coconut oil and Peppermint Essential Oil


  • ANCIENT FORMULA - without all the chemicals found in modern day toothpastes
  • REVERSE TOOTH DECAY - by remineralizing teeth with bentonite clay and coconut oil.
  • HEALTHY ALKALINE BALANCE - cleans your teeth without enamel eating acidity found in regular toothpastes
  • 100% NATURAL EDIBLE INGREDIENTS - without toxic chemicals found in other toothpastes that are a struggle to even pronounce
  • KILLS BACTERIA AND REMOVES BAD BREATH - avoid cavities, tooth decay and gingivitis with natural ingredients

Used for centuries, this simple teeth cleaning recipe has stood the test of time in many cultures. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Native Americans depended on charcoal and ash to obtain dazzling smiles back when a white, shimmering smile was a mark of beauty. You’ll wonder why we ever diverted from ancient ways.

 Our CLAY formulation is without chemicals found in modern day toothpastes, It encourages remineralization of tooth enamel by neutralizing acids and bacteria, supplying calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus for strengthening teeth, and maintaining a naturally alkaline pH.

 INGREDIENTS: calcium bentonite clay, sea salt, water, coconut oil, peppermint essential oil.

 Our ingredients are unique but the things we left out are just as important. Most brands of toothpaste contain foaming agents like SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and harsh chemicals like titanium dioxide to make the paste bright and to bleach teeth. Since chemicals can easily absorb through sensitive skin in the mouth, we use ingredients that are safe enough to eat. Peasant Co may be a little messy and you will lack a foamy mouth, but trust you will have only natural ingredients you actually know.

Product Safety data is available upon request.  

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