About us

Chris Janota of NeutripureThanks for caring enough to read this. I’m Chris Janota, the Founder of Neutripure.

A good friend Stan approached me with the news he was diagnosed with a terminal illness which the medical establishment could do nothing to arrest. His work with homeopathic treatments and alternative ancient ingredients produced a cure within a year of the diagnosis, and to this day (five years later ) he remains in perfect health.

I was both frightened and awed at the possibilities, completely at a loss for a reasonable explanation for what he had discovered. Since then I established Neutripure, and with Stan we stepped up our research, intuitive and experiential in nature, and continued an exploration with advanced healing.

At Neutripure we use only pure ingredients with names you have actually heard of before. You won't find ingredients like caprylic triglycerade or PEG-20 Methyl. Our ingredients don't come from a laboratory, but from the sea, the desert or organic gardens of mother earth. You will find ingredients like bamboo charcoal,Stan McSwainbentonite clay, konjac root powder, frankincense and myrrh essential oils or kelp powder from the North Atlantic. Just the good stuff.