Wise Men Healing Balm with Frankincense and Myrrh Essential Oils

Wise men

Wise Men Therapeutic Healing Balm with Organic Essential Oils for Neuropathy and Pain Relief

About the Product
  • RELIEVES NEUROPATHY SYMPTHOMS: shooting pain, tingling pain, joint pain and numbness
  • SACRED BLEND: Ancient Egyptian and Ethiopian formula for modern times with tremendous healing properties.
  • CONTAINS 100% PURE: essential oils of myrrh and frankincense with coconut carrier oil.

The wise men from Arabia were actually being practical by giving the baby Jesus precious, costly essential oils that could double up as a potential medical remedy. Myrrh and frankincense essential oils were valued above gold because of their ability to heal.

In late 2013 the Wise Men formulator and founder Stan McSwain attended a seminar on essential oils and was intrigued. He learned there are naturally occurring oils harvested around the world from the seeds, leaves, stems, bark, buds roots, and flowers of trees and plants. Since trees and plants are rooted and cannot move from their toxic setting, the plants evolved these substances to shield them from disease. How the healing power of these oils never came to his attention is a testimony in itself of how he got sick in the first place. Since his introduction he experimented with many different essential oils and their benefits. The world wide web is full of good and also misleading information, but it is important to know that the chemical constituents of an oil can be affected by a vast number of variables. However, for the best results, it is necessary to use a pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil. These can be costly, but required if the oil is to produce the desired results.  To read more download the complete product guide here.  

Wise Men® is a registered trademark of Neutripure.

Product Safety data is available upon request.  

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